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Why Choose Us

HT HOMES  offers

  1. Quality work
  2. A trust worthy group of men and women in your home throughout the process of the job.
  3. reat prices that allow you to save money.
  4. We are consultants as to the true needs to enhance your home value without spending a lot of money in the wrong places, as to what would make your home appraise for more money. Some repairs and upgrades don’t add value to your home.
  5. No deposit required to sign a contract. Once the project is under way and work has been completed after the first day a draw request will be made. Depending on the size of the job. Some jobs require no deposit.
  6. Health, Wellness, and clean air with tips , and special services. Providing clean air solutions
  7. Green Technologies to conserve our earths natural resources.
  8. We represent a one stop shop. Once company one check. No hassle of scheduling different contractors in and out of your home. Leave it to us we will take care of the whole process.
  9. Our detailed estimates will allow you to keep track of how work is going to be completed in your home. As the project gets under way you will be able to look at your estimate as to the stages of the project. Smaller projects will not be as lengthy as the larger ones.
  10. We are the only home improvement franchise system that has a home warranty company in it’s corporate structure. Therefore any emergency services needed in your home you can call our claims center 24/7 for @ 1-888-500-8889

    Our personal guarantee to you! As home improvement company we have hand selected the best of the best. If your not satisfied with our work at anytime please don’t hesitate to email us @