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Go Green with HT HOMES

Why Go Green with HT Homes™?

In our environment today, buildings and homes account for a large percentage of energy use, water and electricity consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

All of these have a huge impact on not only the environment in its natural state but also on our health and the economy.

By applying green techniques, we can make significant and immediate improvements to restore and conserve our environment while enhancing the quality of life and of our natural resources and systems.

Benefits can also include:

  • Improve air and water quality

  • Reduce waste streams

  • Reduce cost of operation, productivity and performance

  • Enhance homeowner and building occupancy health and comfort

  • Improve exterior appearances

  • Decrease local infrastructure strains

  • Growth and expansion in markets for green product and services

10 Simple Things:

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Reduce your energy bill, reduce water consumption, and cut CO2 emissions by doing some of the following:

  • RECYCLE! RECYCLE!  If it can be reused then DO IT!!

  • Sealing heating and cooling ducts, plugging other energy leaks and using insulation barriers throughout your home.

  • Replacing or installing, ceiling fans to reduce A/C costs, light bulbs, windows, outdoor solar power and window coverings.

  • Fixing/upgrading bathroom and kitchen faucets, toilets, plumbing leaks, shower heads.

  • Installing timers on hot water heaters and lighting.

  • Adjusting thermostat settings in your home and in your refrigerator.

  • Use shorter water usage sessions and consolidate laundry loads.

  • Turn off energy hogs like unused appliances and power strips.

  • Look for the ENERGY STAR label on new purchases and test current appliances to make sure they are venting and operating properly.

  • BE AWARE. Do your research and find what products and services are best for your environment.