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About Us

HT Homes is a very unique company. We are a one stop shop for home improvements. Our motto is one company one check™ and Go Green or Go Broke™.Over the last 17 years in the home improvement industry. We find that buyers/sellers and investors have a need to do business with a company that they can count on, do it all and a quality job that leaves you with a smile on your face.


We are going public for 3 reasons, 1st there is no other home improvement company public with the services we offer. 2nd by going public we can set up a pension plan for our franchisees and employees, along with our service technicians providing a positive exit strategy. 3rd for homeowners to have a company on the public market that represents their needs when it comes down to their home services and investor relations.. In addition we will offer home improvement , personal and auto loans through our finance company. Signature loans will be our main focus for our clients.


We believe that you as a client is worthy to receive benefits directly that will help you. We also have our affiliates program that will allow you to use others services from vendors in our network that share the same interest as we do. Rest assure that you have come to the right company for your home improvement needs. For home warranties plans visit